Platelet-rich plasma in interventional dermatology and trichology: How far have we come

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) contains several growth factors and cellular adhesion molecules which promote wound healing, angiogenesis and accelerate the rejuvenation of skin and hair follicles. With its proven regenerative and regrowth potential in a plethora of conditions, PRP has been deemed as the “futuristic elixir.” Current evidence suggests that PRP effectively stimulates angiogenesis, collagen as well as elastin regeneration, and is a safe, easy to prepare, minimally invasive technique with limited downtime, and negligible risk of allergic/hypersensitivity reactions owing to its autologous nature. It has shown excellent results when utilized as monotherapy or in combination with microneedling or ablative lasers in acne scars, post-burn or post-traumatic scars, melasma, striae distensae, chronic ulcers, and lichen sclerosus. PRP injections or PRP combined with microneedling are increasingly being utilized for skin rejuvenation and recently.


Suruchi Garg1 , Anuva Bansal2

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