Healing of all metabolic syndromes through traditional medicines with integrated scientific cellular nutrition approach

Human body is very complex and is a combination of body mind and soul. It is made of five elements. It is scientifically designed even every creature on this planet is scientifically designed. And the Nature/(The supreme soul)/(Universal Mind)/ has blessed us with all natural medicines to keep it physically and mentally fit and live healthy, happy and wealthy from all angles.

Our body is made of cells and it has certain daily demands.

I.e. first and foremost oxygen supply to every cell to stop oxidation process,

Daily electron surplus natural diet with best carbs, vitamins, trace minerals, proteins and essential fatty acids, physical work to detox, healthy water, pure air and some herbs. Now when we talk of Traditional medicines as to what they are. Whatever the nature has given us in natural form All are traditional medicines like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some rare plants, trees, their roots, flowers and seeds all are traditional medicines. Now because of so called modern industrialization, technological advancement almost 97% population of the world have gone away from nature.

And that is why we are in the grip of lethal life style diseases and there no sustainable solution or relief to already super intelligent human beings. When we stay in deep coherence with the nature we can explore all traditional medicines. We the human beings.

Now when the human life has become so complex, over stressed due to unhealthy life style. In the changed environment we will have to bring human life close to nature, work with scientific approach I.e how to fill the nutritional gap, how to concentrate traditional medicines with latest cellular or molecular signalling approach then we can get rid of diseases and modern pharma drugs and human life healthier and happier.


Moti Lal Verma

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