Ethnobotanical Benefits of Phoenix Dactylifera Linn. In Nigeria. Forestry Research Institute of Nigeria

An ethno-botanical survey of the plant commonly called Date Palm- Phoenix dactylifera L. mainly for medicinal usage in the treatment of common ailments among Nigerians was undertaken by means of oral and written questionnaire. It is grown mostly in the northern part of Nigeria. Date palm is believed to have been introduced into Nigeria in the early 8th century by Arab traders from North Africa. Date fruits are a highly valued delicacy among communities in Nigeria, especially during ceremonies and festivals. It has native names in Nigeria Dabinoo (Hausa), Esoo mecca / Esoo Anobi (Yoruba) and no native name Igbo. Despite the conduciveness of soil and climatic conditions for datepalm cultivation and the existence of local varieties with good fruit qualities, date palm cultivation is still at subsistence level and domestic production. And this calls for better conservative ideology base on its importance.


Soyewo Luke T

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